3 Myths About Buying Cabinet Doors That Need To Go Away

September 22, 2020

It has been said and said again - outsourcing helps grow businesses. Whether you're a 1 guy shop or a 30 man crew, outsourcing will help you meet your business goals.

So what exactly is outsourcing? According to Wikipedia, outsourcing is "an agreement in which one company hires another company to be responsible for a planned or existing activity that is or could be done internally". Essentially, it's the ability to rent someone else's employees/machinery. And when it comes to cabinet doors, it's hiring a manufacturer to construct the doors to help boost your output and increase your cash flow.

That being said, there are still a lot of cabinet shops that haven't quite jumped on board yet. So we decided to compile a list of myths we have overheard about buying your cabinet doors and debunk them. Let's get started.

Myth #1. Quality is compromised

We get it. One of the hardest things to do is shift responsibility onto someone else. Everybody has their own set of standards and it's hard to believe someone will care as much about your work as you do.

We can't speak for every cabinet door supplier, but here at RCD, we know your name goes on these products. And we want your name to mean something. That's why quality comes before everything else. Period.


We ensure quality by:

Quality Control. At each stage of our manufacturing process, all of our trained craftsmen look for defects and mistakes. But to double check, every product that moves through our shop gets a quality check at our QC station before they are packaged and shipped. Our quality control department knows to look for pin knots, glue spots, cracks, unfilled nail holes, rough sanding, and more.

Great tools and machinery. Our tools and machinery are fully automated which leaves less room for error.

Listen to our customers. Our customers are in control, always. Their feedback has helped us refine and diagnose any issues with quality we encounter. They set the standards and we meet them.

Try out new ideas. We are always eager to learn about anything that might help us increase the quality and value of what we produce.

Myth #2. Buying your doors ends up being more expensive

We hear this a lot. When you get a quote from a cabinet door supplier, that upfront cost may seem a bit overpriced. You might think, "I can just make these doors cheaper myself." But there are often a lot of costs that are associated with building doors that aren't initially thought of.

The biggest one: Tooling and equipment. Doors are easy to build, if you're set up right. But that's the kicker. It's if you're set up right. Most shops these days have some door making equipment, like shapers and clamps, but many don't have the high tech equipment needed for them to be efficient.

And if they do have the equipment, a lot of the time it might be sitting idle and not running at full capacity. Which is essentially money down the drain. It's also important to remember the added cost of maintenance, storage, and electrical requirements when looking to invest in machinery.

Next up: manpower. Skilled help is rare at any price. Finding trained, dedicated craftsmen is hard to come by and actually trusting them to do the job as good as you is a whole other topic.

When you outsource, you are in essence hiring very experienced, inexpensive employees (with really cool tools). Not to mention, you have the power to hire or fire at will with no extra employee costs and headaches like taxes, insurance, etc.

And last: hidden costs. There's a lot of expenses associated with building doors that might not come to mind. When figuring costs, don't forget to include expenses like waste and dust removal, raw material purchases, and storage.

Buying doors may seem more expensive when you're looking at the upfront cost, but when you consider the additional jobs you could take in using the same space, labor, and equipment, it might end up being more economical for your shop to buy vs. build.

Myth #3. Your shop isn't custom when you buy

Many woodworkers and cabinetmakers feel they're being dishonest when they don't make every single part that leaves their shop. "Once a craftsman, always a craftsman", right? It's hard to wear all the hats in a cabinet shop. And if you're looking to grow beyond your own personal capabilities, that way of thinking can end up hurting your business.

Think of it this way. In almost every industry, people outsource. For example, if you buy a F150, do you expect the tires to be Ford tires? Do you expect them to have their own cows to supply the leather for the seats?  Every part that goes into each make and model is not made by Ford. Why? Because that would take so much time, money, and resources to design, build, and then manufacture. And not to mention, a very specialized and expert workforce.

To solve this problem, they end up developing partnerships with companies that specialize in manufacturing specific products. And in the end, they get a car that is 100% designed by them, just with the added help of experts they outsourced. It's still their car.

The same goes with buying your cabinet doors. It's not cheating if you don't build it all. Your shop is still custom and you're still in control. The only change? You now have more time to spend on the details of each job, expand your capacity, and most importantly, focus on your customer.

The doors are ready when you are.

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