3 Reasons Why You Need To Outsource Cabinet Doors

June 23, 2020

Making a cabinet door isn’t hard. But it can be a lot of work.

In fact, there’s about 25 steps to making a door (yep, we counted).

And not only do you have to make the doors, but you have to design the kitchen, assemble the cabinets, and then install. Oh, and don’t forget. If you’re running your own business, you also need to find ways to increase sales and bring on more clients.

Are you exhausted just thinking about it?

It’s a time-consuming process, but ‘Once a craftsman, always a craftsman’, right? It’s not easy to step away from that mindset.

Buying your cabinet doors isn’t just a big decision, it’s a hard decision. But definitely worth exploring. And we’re here to tell you why.


1. It will save you so much time

Are you guilty of saying, “We can make the doors cheaper than we can buy them”?

Here’s the thing: This is just about true for any type of consumer product …as long as you value your time at $0 an hour.

You can sew your shirt cheaper than you can buy one, fix your own car for less, you can even grow your own food for pennies.

Making cabinet doors takes time. And time is money, right? How many more jobs could you do in a month if you had help with your cabinet doors?

Think about all the time you or your employees spend on making the doors. Now think about taking that time and refocusing it on the things you care about more: increasing sales, improving design, assembling cabinets, installing kitchens, etc.

Not only could you double the amount of jobs you can complete in a month with this extra time, but you’ll even be able to finish your jobs faster.

2. You don’t need to buy expensive equipment

Building doors is an investment. It requires equipment, tools, and machinery that some cabinet shops do not have access to or the space for. Not only are these machines expensive, but running them can get a bit pricey, too.

Then you have to train your employees to use them or hire new employees that are already trained.

But if you outsource, you would have the benefits of a large scale industrial shop with millions of dollars in state of the art equipment without having to bear the costs, liabilities, and loss of valuable space.

Reduce Liabilities When Outsourcing Cabinet Doors

So when you take in to account all of the equipment you need to buy and the time spent training your employees to efficiently make doors, you really can buy the doors cheaper than you can make them.

3. Mistakes don’t come out of your pocket

We do what we do best. And that’s making doors. But we will be honest, sometimes there are mistakes. We’re human, after all.

What happens when a door supplier makes a mistake? We remake your door at no cost to you.

Now, what happens when you’re making your own doors and make a mistake? You’d have to rebuild it yourself and ultimately, pay for it twice.

Shifting responsibility isn’t always a bad thing, especially when mistakes happen.

Ask yourself this: What’s best for you and your business?

We hear a lot of our customers say to us, “Outsourcing got me to where I am today.” And it's true. Outsourcing allows you to spend time on other important business matters. And as a cabinet door supplier, our number 1 goal is to help you grow your business.

However, it’s important to say: every shop is different. And we recognize a lot of cabinetmakers make their own doors and their business is still thriving. We are in no way saying if you don’t outsource, your business will not succeed. In fact, we love seeing cabinetmakers making their own doors. And we support them doing that.

At the end of the day, you need to ask yourself: what is the best thing for me and my business?

It's time to maximize your profits

As a business, the overriding reason for any decision should be to maximize profit. If maximizing your profit means making your own doors, awesome. If it makes more sense to outsource, that’s totally okay too.

Just remember: Outsourcing will not take away from your custom shop. In fact, it will have an immediate positive impact on your overall goal. Because in the end, it’s more important to build your business than all of your own parts.

The doors are ready when you are.

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