The 3 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

September 9, 2020

Cabinet doors are the most visible component in your kitchen. The style you pick sets the tone for the rest of the kitchen.

And with over 50 different door styles, it can get a bit overwhelming deciding which one is the best for your client.

But don't worry. There's 3 distinctive door styles that we see constantly moving through our shop. Keep reading to find out what they are.

1. Shakers 

Very simple with clean lines, shaker doors are the most popular door on the market right now.

Dating back to the 1780s, Shaker doors originate from the Shaker religious group that became known for their well-made, simple, and functional furniture.

They are made up of a four-piece frame with a flat panel in the center. Due to their simplicity, this door style seamlessly blends in with any styles, making it the most versatile cabinet door.

2. Slab 

Slab cabinet doors are as simple as it gets.

Made from one slab of wood, slab doors are perfect for any contemporary or modern styles. Easy to clean, these doors are a minimalist's dream.

Kitchen hardware really stands out on these doors - giving the homeowner an opportunity to show off their style. Or if you're trying to achieve that clean and minimalist look, go without handles.

3. Mullion Doors

Though it's a rather traditional architectural feature, Mullion doors still reign supreme.

These doors feature glass panels that are separated by solid dividing bars, similar to those you'd find in window panes. They're a beautiful decorative touch and a great way to add a rustic and artistic aesthetic to your kitchen project.


The doors are ready when you are.

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