The Top 10 Best Gifts For The Woodworker In Your Life

December 1, 2020

Finding the perfect gift is hard.

Finding the perfect gift for a woodworker is even harder.

But don't worry. We put together this list of our top 10 favorite tools and products that would make perfect gifts for your favorite woodworker (even if that's yourself).

1. GluBot

If you get anything on this list, get this. This one's a game changer. The woodworker in your life will thank you immensely for the amount of time they will save with this glue dispenser. No more turning the bottle upside down and shaking. Squeeze at any angle and the glue is out.

2. Work Gloves


Safety first, style a close second. Made with leather, these heavy duty work gloves have a functional fingerless design that delivers more dexterity when measuring, cutting, and framing.


3. Magnetic Wristband

Ever lose a screw right when you need it? Along the same lines as the work apron, this nifty, magnetic wristband keeps your screws close. It'll hold all screws, nuts, bolts, and more.


4. Woodworking Square

Never worry about being out of square again. This tool is perfect for that woodworker that's all about accuracy and precision. (Hint hint: That's every woodworker.)


5. Bench Cookie

Who doesn't like Christmas cookies? Bench cookies are high-friction rubber pads that hold your project steady while sawing, sanding, or routing without needing to use clamps.


6. Clamps

This one might not be the most exciting. But there's a reason "you can never have too many clamps" is a famous saying in the woodworking community. The woodworker in your life will put these to good use. Our favorite? You can't go wrong with these Bessey ones.


 7. Chisel Set

Every cabinetmaker needs a good chisel set.


8. Work Apron

This is one of those gifts you don't know you need until you have it. Keep screws and hardware pieces close with this 4-pocket, adjustable Carhartt apron.


9. Cabinet Hardware Jig

If your woodworker is going to be mounting any kind of drawer pulls, knobs, or handles, then this would be a perfect gift. This jig features moveable, hardened-steel drill guides that lock in place to align with common hole-spacing measurements.

10. Custom Branding Iron

This branding iron is the perfect gift for the woodworker that's trying to build a brand. Made of brass and stainless steel, this iron is specifically designed to brand wood so you can leave your mark with a custom logo.

The doors are ready when you are.

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