The Top 5 Cabinet Paint Trends You Need To Know

July 21, 2020

Painted kitchen cabinetry isn't just a 2020 trend. It's a trend that's here to stay.

And yes we know, trends aren't everything. They come and they go. (Tell that to your parents and their golden oak cabinets.)

But trends do determine what homeowners are gravitating towards and asking for. So we went through all of our orders from the first half of the year, consulted with our customers and design experts, and identified what 2020's 5 most popular cabinetry paint trends are. Here's what we came up with.

1. White Paint

No surprise here. Would this even be a post about 2020 trends if we didn't mention white cabinets? In fact, if cabinet doors were in a yearbook, white painted doors would be voted "Most Popular".

We're not going to go on for too long about white paint... we know you've heard it all.

But after going through our orders, it's clear white paint is hands down our most popular finish. Because when it comes to bright and airy homes, white painted cabinetry has been the secret ingredient for years.

Quick Tip: Be cautious of the undertone. White is never just white. Different shades of white fall in to two undertones: cool and warm. If your kitchen project includes a lot of blues, grays, and blue-greens, go with a cool toned white. But if your project includes a lot of wood materials, beiges, shades of red, or browns, then it's best to go with a white that has a warm undertone.


Color shown: ML Campbell Pro White

Color shown: ML Campbell Designer White

Color shown: ML Campbell Dover White

2. Gray Paint

Step aside, white. You had your moment.

And say hello to Gray cabinets.

More and more gray kitchens have been popping up in the last few years and we are big fans.

Something about gray just for kitchens.

They're the perfect choice for homeowners who want a neutral color palette, but don't like the clinical-feel of an all-white kitchen. It's a warm and inviting choice that's sticking around way past 2020.

Color shown: ML Campbell Cape Cod Gray

Color shown: ML Campbell Gigs Gray

3. Earth tones

2020, in general, is all about neutrals. So it's no surprise here that earth tones are making their way in to kitchen design.

Not only does it provide visual warmth, but earth tones can also be incorporated with several different color palettes. Helping them blend effortlessly with a wide variety of styles.

This is a trend that hasn't completely taken off yet, but is gaining a lot of traction. Keep your eye out for a lot of beiges, olives, and neutral browns for the remainder of 2020... and beyond.

4. Blue and Green Tones

Blue and green toned cabinets were everywhere at KBIS 2020. Which means we're going to be seeing a lot more of them in the next few years.

Adding blue or green to a kitchen project is a great way to add drama and instant interest to a space.

Color shown: ML Campbell Blue Fox

But getting a homeowner to commit to a bold and darker hue can be a challenge.

The trick is to use these tones as accents in the space. And a great stepping stone to introducing these shades is incorporating it into the island. It really adds a pop of color and a level of drama to an otherwise standard kitchen.

Color shown: ML Campbell Nocturnal Sea

Color shown: ML Campbell Leafy Bower

But if your customers are more on the adventurous side, painting all the cabinets results in a beautiful and elegant finished look.

In the photo above, the green cabinets are paired with natural wood shelves and brass hardware that give the entire room an organic and nature-inspired look.

Color shown: ML Campbell Blue Lake Deep

5. Two-toned cabinets

Two-toned kitchens are when the upper cabinets are a different color than the base cabinets. It's a great way to add pops of color and personality to a kitchen project.

It works with any style from Contemporary to Farmhouse and yes, even Traditional.

Color shown: ML Campbell in Gigs Gray and Dover White

The best way to ease in to this trend is to use paint colors without a lot of contrast. Our favorite combination is gray on the base cabinets and white on the uppers. It's subtle, but still adds an interesting element to the kitchen without any commitment.

Color shown: ML Campbell in Anthracite and Dover White

If your customers are on the more dramatic side, we suggest using higher contrast colors for a really sleek and modern look.

Color shown: ML Campbell Dover White

Don't be afraid to mix materials, either. The kitchen above seamlessly incorporates white base cabinets with wood uppers. The island with wooden features and a white quartz top helps unite the two materials and really tie the kitchen together.

It's all about personalization

The biggest trend of 2020? Personalization.

When it comes to color, finishes, and design, homeowners are looking for something unique and personal to them. Like we mentioned above, trends come and go. But the best part about these trends is how you can personalize them for your specific customers. Because at the end of the day, they're the ones who are living in it for years to come.

We're here to help

If you ever want a break from spraying, we're here to help. We have the equipment and materials to make finishing a breeze. And a dedicated finishing department that cares about your doors just as much as you. Paint? Stains? Pre-primed doors? You name it. Check out our finishing page to see what we can do.

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